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Safer Sex

There are many different types of contraception, which will help prevent against pregnancy, but the only way to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is to use condoms or femidoms.

How to put on a condom
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How to put on a condom:
Put the condom on when the penis is hard, before it is in contact with the other person.
2 Unwrap the condom being careful not to tear it.
Unroll the condom a little and check it is the right way round. Pinch the tip of the condom and put it over the end of the penis. This pushes the air out of the condom and stops it from bursting during sex.
Keep squeezing the closed end with one hand and use your other hand to roll the condom all the way down the penis.
5 During sex, check that it is still in place.
After sex withdraw the penis carefully. Hold the condom at the base until the penis is fully withdrawn to make sure it doesn’t come off.
7 Wrap the used condom in a tissue.
Put the used condom and tissue in the bin - don't flush it down the toilet.

How to put on a femidom:

Unwrap the femidom being careful not to tear it. The femidom has two rings: a closed ring to help put the sheath inside the vagina (the inner ring), the open ring stays outside the vagina (the outer ring).
Put the femidom in before there is any contact between the penis and vagina. Squeeze the closed inner ring so that it becomes narrow and long.
Find a comfortable position with legs apart. Insert the closed inner ring into the vagina gently, pushing it into place. Insert your index finger into the femidom and push it up as far as it will go. The outer ring should stay outside the vagina and the femidom should not be twisted.
When you are ready to have sex, guide the penis into the femidom to make sure it doesn’t slip between the sheath and the vaginal wall.
To take it out, twist the outer ring and pull out gently. Wrap the used femidom in a tissue and put it in the bin.
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